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First baby of 2023 born in Waterloo Region shares father’s birthday


The first birth of the year in Waterloo Region belongs to a Kitchener couple, but Jan. 1 is a date the new father has celebrated his whole life.

While billions around the world observe the annual milestone to mark the New Year, the first day of January is also Farid Ihsani’s birthday.

Imagine the shock when Ihsani and his wife Samira welcomed their daughter Selena on Sunday morning around 1:05 a.m. at Grand River Hospital.

“I was so excited. Like the best moment ever in my life,” Farid said.

Originally expected to arrive on Dec. 30, the newborn held on and now shares a birthday with her father.

“My birthday and her birthday is the same day,” said Farid.

Not only will the birth be remembered for the bond they share, Selena will forever hold the title as the first baby born in Waterloo Region in 2023.

“I was shocked, like oh my god, that’s so good,” Farid said. “We think maybe in January first, but not the first baby in the region.”

Selena was born weighing a healthy 6 lbs, 7 oz and returned home with her family late Monday morning.

“Thank you to the healthcare community. Especially the Grand River Hospital doctors and nurses,” Farid said. “They worked really hard and really well. Thank you.” Top Stories

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