KITCHENER -- Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Vernon Sauder was still able to celebrate a very big milestone.

The usual birthday celebration of people coming by for dinner and an open house had to be scrapped, so those close to him opted for a drive-by instead.

Vehicles filled with both family and friends drove by Sauder’s Elmira home Sunday afternoon to wish him a happy 100th, even though he’s only passing the century mark at 1 a.m. on Monday.

Sauder was able to keep warm through the snowy day by sitting in an ice fishing hut on his driveway.

“We elected to have a fisherman hut to have him sit in so he’s a little bit sheltered,” said Brenda Leis, Vernon’s daughter. “It’s also symbolic of the kind of person and the kind of things he does.”

Some of Vernon’s 17 great grand children were also able to stop by outside for physically distanced cupcakes.