Green Party leader Elizabeth May expressed concern for corporate cyber surveillance while at a campaign stop in the region.

May spoke about her Canadian federal party platform at the University of Waterloo press conference Tuesday morning.

The plan touches on how much data companies could collect in a world of increasing artificial intelligence.

“I think it will become a sad state of affairs if our fridges become smarter than we are,” said May. “If we need our fridge to tell us we’re low on eggs, I think we have bigger problems in terms of our rights to privacy.”

The Green Party is looking for cyber security regulation of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

They hope that only verified users would be able to publish on those sites and for companies to tell people what data of theirs has been collected.

The policy would allow people to be deleted from corporate databases.

May says the party’s plan should resonate with all customers, including Waterloo Region’s tech sector who have increasing reliance on big data.