Those looking to learn more about electric vehicles amidst the soaring price of gas had a chance to educate themselves in Guelph on Sunday.

The event put on by Emerge Guelph Sustainability allowed those wanting to learn more about electric vehicles talk to owners and even test drive some.

"No one here is representing a manufacturer or from a sales perspective," said the group's executive director Evan Ferrari. "People are sharing the knowledge based on actually using the cars."

An hour long class was also featured for those with common questions about making the switch to an EV.

"People are concerned the car won't go as far as they expect because they will have to charge it too frequently," said Ferrari.

The director adds that an average EV can now go about 500 kilometres.

"I've had it for a month, I've been doing a lot of driving because it's my new toy," said owner Trevor Worthy. "I put about 3,000 km on it and it cost me about $90 in electricity.

"I can go back and forth to work [in Toronto] twice before I have to recharge it if I want to.

Worthy adds that it's not hard to find a charger, with many being free.

"You're seeing more and more chargers all the time," said Worthy. "They're starting to install chargers on the rest stops on the highways now, business put them in as a promotional to show that they're green."

Many at the event asked about the higher cost for electronic vehicles up front, but owners predict prices will dip down in the future.

"There are cars in the low 30s, that's probably the lowest price you will see, and of course the sky's the limit when it comes to EVS," said Ferrari. "All of the manufacturers are racing to bring in more cars at the lower price range for obvious reasons."

Robert and Katherine Ketis have two gas vehicles, but are wanting to make a more environment and economical choice in the future.

"I think it kind of demystifies what an EV is all about," said Katherine. "It's basic education on how to have a car and how to make it work with your lifestyle."