KITCHENER -- Those who were awake around sunrise in southern Ontario were treated to a spectacular solar eclipse.

The June 10 eclipse was an annular solar eclipse, and the view varied across Canada. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the entire moon is in front of the sun, and is different than a total solar eclipse.

For some across Canada, this created a “ring of fire” phenomenon.

The ring of fire was visible through the path of annularity, Baffin Island, northwestern Ontario and parts of northern Quebec.

In southern Ontario, although we are not located in this path, the view of this partial solar eclipse was still certainly worth the early wake up call.

Here are some stunning photos as the sun appeared to look like a crescent over southwestern Ontario.

This photo was taken at about 5:45a.m. from the Costco Waterloo parking lot by Sigrid Rhodes.

Sigrid Rhodes

Betty Clyde took this photo of the eclipse around 6:00 a.m. just outside of Elora.

Betty Clyde

Rob Hogarth submitted these photos of the eclipse taken shortly after sunrise on Beaverdale Road in Cambridge.

Rob Hogarth 1

Rob Hogarth 2