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Drivers who got bad fuel from Guelph, Ont. gas station receiving compensation


Drivers who were hit with hefty repair bills after fueling up at a Guelph gas station appear to be finally getting their money back.

The contaminated gas from a Mobil station on Woolwich Street caused hundreds of dollars of damage to dozens of cars in January. For some people, the repairs cost more than $1,000.

Brian Holstein was among those affected. After putting $50 of regular gas in his car, it began shutting down while driving. He paid $300 to have his vehicle towed and repaired.

A fuel analysis company later determined the gas had been mixed with windshield washer fluid.

Gas from a stalled vehicle on the left, clean fuel from a pump on the right.

On Wednesday Holstein was contacted with a notice of compensation.

“It’s about bloody time,” he told CTV News.

“I check my email, there it was and the mail said something about ‘fill in this form.’”

The message form Travelers Canada included the settlement amount offered with an option for recipients to sign and email back.

“I’m getting a little over $300 back,” Holstein said. “It restores a little faith in the system. Not in Mobil Gas, but in the system.”

Brian Holstein looks at graffiti on the side of what used to be a Mobil gas station in Guelph. His vehicle and others were damaged by contaminated fuel from the station in January 2024. (Tyler Kelaher/CTV Kitchener)

The gas station has been closed for months and graffiti reading “bad gas” marks one of the outside walls.

In February the company that oversees the property, Apex Property Management, told CTV News the gas station was evicted by the mortgagee.

Since then no new operators have taken over the business.

CTV News reached out to Travelers Canada but had not heard back as of publication. Top Stories

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