KITCHENER -- A Kitchener roundabout will likely be closed for a couple of weeks following damage from a wastewater leak.

A sewer pipe burst on Tuesday afternoon, closing the roundabout at Lancaster and Bridge streets.

Officials expect it will take about two weeks to complete the repairs.

The Ministry of Environment said the Grand River wasn't affected by the leak.

Senior project manager Ryan Snider said they don't know what caused the leak yet and said they're investigating.

Crews have dug up and replaced asphalt over the damaged area.

The Bridgeport Pumping Station remains out-of-service while construction takes place.

The roundabout and bridge are open to pedestrians, but not vehicles.

Grand River Transit officials tweeted they are operating a shuttle in Bridgeport because of the closure.

In the tweet, GRT said transit riders will exit at stop 2021 and board the shuttle at stop 2426 when travelling to Bridgeport. For those travelling from Bridgeport, they can get off the shuttle at stop 2438 and board Route 5 or 6 at stop 1944.

Stops 2424, 2425, 2439, 2022 and 1943 are all closed.