We are happy that Shaw Direct has chosen to add us to their service. It has been more than a dozen years since direct to home satellite services were licensed and to say that we are overjoyed that that someone finally made us available is an understatement.

We are located on Channel 369 Classic or 67 Advanced as of Friday, September 2nd. Some viewers have advised us that the older Shaw set top boxes are not compatible with the ne MPEG 4 Technology Shaw is using to deliver our signal and that a new box may be required, we have also been told that Shaw has offered some viewers a discount on a new box.

We unfortunately are not on Bell Direct, (Expressvu), but they have committed to add us and a number of other Canadian stations that are currently not available by August 31, 2012. Perhaps you can hasten this event by contacting Bell at 310-BELL and voice your opinion/concerns that you want to see us sooner rather than later.

You may want to consider trying to watch our signal off air. A large number of people are advising us that they are getting an excellent picture by tuning into digital 13.1 on their television set. We are also hearing from others that they have purchased a converter box from an electronic store such as The Source and now are watching us on older TV sets without a new digital tuner.

Another issue that has been a problem for some of our off air viewers is that even though you have a new TV equipped with a digital tuner you must re-scan to acquire the new digital signal. Usually newer televisions remove unused channels from the guide so you do not have to skip over them when surfing. If the scan was done before we switched over to digital on August 30th your television is looking for analog 13 not digital 13. If you go through your menu settings on the television you should see an option that says channel scan (or some iteration of that). If the problem still persists after the re-scan you should contact the store that you bought the TV from and ask for their help.