Five years nearly to the day of the land dispute, people gathered at a Peace and Reconciliation Rally in Caledonia.

However the rally was anything but peaceful. Tensions ran high as activist and rally organizer Gary McHale was confronted by Six Nations supporters.

McHale and his supporters have been critical of the Ontario Provincial Police's handling of the Caledonia issue. "We have come out so that the Toronto media can take video of exactly how the O.P.P. handles Caledonia," he told the crowd.

A group, calling themselves the Six Nations Solidarity Network, disagreed with McHale's rally. "We are here to highlight the fact that he has nothing to do with truth and reconciliation," said Ted Baker.

Both sides faced-off for hours, with some heated face-to-face verbal exchanges. At one point, a small scuffle broke out. However the protest was relatively peaceful. Some said they came just to have their opinion heard.

The O.P.P blocked off the road and videotaped the entire confrontation.

McHale said he came to Caledonia for the anniversary to place a monument outside the Douglas Creek Street Estates. However the monument never made it to its intended location.

"We are going to take it back to the private property," said Mark Vandermaas of the Caledonia Victim's Project. "And I've told the O.P.P. that we will be back every month until this monument goes where we want it to go."