KITCHENER -- Social services in Waterloo Region came together online to discuss the most pressing needs for victims of domestic violence.

CTV’s Rosie Del Campo moderated a virtual panel with representatives from agencies, including the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region (SASCWR) and Women's Crisis Services.

“The need is going to be greater than it even was before and we were already in crisis,” says Sara Casselman with the SASCWR.

“So this is where we're calling on our community for support for women’s' organizations like shelters and sexual assault centres."

There is a concern about a drop in crisis calls during the pandemic amid circumstances making it more difficult for victims to reach out.

"We know domestic violence hasn't stopped, it's increased. So it's really worrisome when people aren't reaching out, but we're starting to see our numbers slowly get back up to what they should be,” says Jennifer Hutton, Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

Women's Crisis Services says that it is available to provide help through a chat service on their website.