Only a few days remain before regional council vote on one of the most expensive projects in the area's history.

Saturday, concerned citizens from both camps of the controversial light rail transit plan voiced their opinions and concerns on the region's streets.

The message was clear from those who have supported the idea of light rail in Waterloo Region for years.

"We need to avoid paving over our farm land and over over our drinking supply, that's why we need to build LRT now to guide development." said Tim Mollison of the Tri-Cities Transport Action Group.

So far, they at least have support from regional councillor Jean Haalboom.

"We can persuade people to see that this is the right decision with respect to financing and benefits to shaping this community," said Haalboom.

But not everyone sees it that way. A smaller anti-LRT group formed later in the day, hoping their voices would help take the plan off its tracks. Some, like Waterloo resident Helen Ellis, believe light rail will have a negative impact on Uptown Waterloo.

"I think it will be close to a death knell for a lot of the Waterloo merchants," said Ellis.

The regional council vote will take place Wednesday evening.