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Cat show takes over Cambridge for the weekend


Dozens of felines were out over the weekend to see who was best in show.

The Cambridge Cat Show expanded to a two-day event for the first time in its history at the Dickson Centre.

"There's a lot of vendors that show up that supply things you normally wouldn't find in your local pet store," said Todd Takeuchi of the Canadian Cat Association.

The 60 cats were on display and being judged over Saturday and Sunday to see who would come out on top in their breed.

"When cats are judged, they're judged on a breed standard, and that's standard 100 points," said Carmen Lawrence, who brought six-year-old exotic shorthair red tabby Dugan to the show. "Dugan meets the breed standard very well."

Takeuchi says they sometimes have to clarify to newcomers that their show isn't like a dog show.

"They usually think of a cat show like a dog show where they parade cats around," he said. "We don't do that. They're up in the judging cages and the judges take the cats out and take a look at them."

Aside from meeting breed standards, Lawrence says Dougan also has the right personality to make for a good show cat.

"The key thing in regards to showing a cat is going to be temperament," said Lawrence. "You want a cat that is going to be comfortable not only being handled by the owner, but by a ton of people." Top Stories

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