In a six to three vote Tuesday night, Cambridge council decided to allow paper ballots as well as electronic and phone voting in the 2018 municipal election.

The decision comes after a handful of protesters called on the council to return to the traditional paper ballots.

"The federal government, the provincial governments won't use electronic because it's not foolproof," said Debbie Vitez, a Cambridge resident. "I don't think we should have to use it either until it is foolproof."

Cambridge used electronic and telephone voting in a pilot project during the 2014 municipal election. On Monday night council debated at length the merits of rolling out the online voting again in 2018.

"You're in a computer, if you've got someone's I.D., nobody knows who you really are. That worries me," said councillor Shannon Adshade, who voted against the motion.

"I still like to go and vote with a paper ballot and anyone can still do that in the future," said councillor Mike Mann, who voted in favour of the motion. "But internet voting makes it accessible for anyone to do so."