Cambridge Coun. Pam Wolf says she’s “disappointed” to have been found guilty of having care and control of a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.

The verdict was reached Thursday in her case, which stemmed from a crash between her car and another vehicle at Victoria and Fountain streets in Breslau last November.

Wolf had also been charged with impaired driving, but that charge was dismissed Thursday.

In a detailed decision, the judge said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Wolf exhibited impaired behaviour during the crash.

She tested over the legal limit on two breathalyzer tests later that night, but the tests were not administered soon enough after the crash to be used as evidence for the impaired driving charge.

As a result of being found guilty, Wolf will have to pay a $1,150 fine and will lose her driver’s license for one year.

Speaking to reporters outside the Kitchener courthouse where the case was heard, Wolf said her reputation has been damaged by the case.

“I’m very disappointed in the decision of the judge, but not surprised given the media attention to my accident,” she said.

“I’ve made the front page six times. My political opponents have definitely done their best to keep it alive.”

Reading from a prepared statement, Wolf apologized to the driver of the car she hit, her family, her constituents and her colleagues.

“I hope one of the positive outcomes is the community conversation about consuming any alcohol before driving,” she said.

“No alcohol is safe to drink before driving.”

Wolf said she will discuss the possibility of appealing the verdict and plans to remain on council, but has yet to make any decision on running for re-election in 2014.

Residents of Ward 5 surveyed by CTV News had mixed opinions on whether they’d vote for her in a future election.

“She does a lot for the west side of Galt,” said Douglas Landry, who owns a flower store.

“I’m not going to judge her on one thing. We all make mistakes. She may have blown over the limit, but any one of us could have on the wrong day.”

Catherine Pettem expressed a different opinion.

“I think you’d have to think twice about whether you wanted her to represent you,” she said.

Reaction also came in via Twitter, as shown in this Storify: