A bizarre incident in downtown Kitchener ended with one man under arrest and police saying he may have been participating in what they’re calling a ‘punching game’.

Waterloo Regional Police say they received multiple complaints early Friday morning about a man on King Street, near Victoria Street, assaulting people.

“Victims told police that a man seemed to be injured and indicated that he needed assistance,” police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel tells CTV News.

“When they tried to assist him, they were punched and assaulted.”

One male victim was taken to hospital with facial injuries, and police say they’re aware of at least two other victims.

Officers were able to locate and arrest the man, 21-year-old Dylan Levely of Kitchener.

He is charged with assault, and police believe he consumed alcohol prior to the incident.

Heinzel says it’s the first local case of this type.

“We’re aware other jurisdictions have experienced incidents where people were randomly attacked,” he says.

“It’s unclear at this point if this is that type of an incident, or if it’s really just isolated. We don’t really know yet what his motivation was.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact 519-653-7700 ext. 6399 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

While the ‘punching game’ or ‘knockout game’ had made headlines in the U.S., Friday morning’s attack is the first known case of that behaviour in Canada.

Owen Gallupe, a criminologist at the University of Waterloo, says hearing of one incident close to home shouldn’t make people scared for their personal safety.

“It is a violent act, but we should keep in mind that it is a very rare occurrence,” he says.

“It’s something that is very unlikely to happen to any individual person.”