Busking is a feast or famine way of making money.

The weekend heat and sun brought out hundreds of people to the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market on Saturday.

The sunshine also made for a good day for local musicians practicing their craft.

“I wasn’t working last semester in school, I would pop down to Kitchener or this market just to make a few extra bucks if I was running low,” said Jacob Lasby, who began busking at the St. Jacobs market nearly four years ago.

On a good day, Lasby can make up to $200 in a few hours of busking.

But on a bad day, not only will he not make money, it can be disheartening watching people go by without as much as a glance.

The uncertainty is worth it for him.

“I love it so much, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it’s my favourite thing to do,” he said.

Daniella Kistemaker plays the harp, and her sister plays violin.

They perform as a duo at the market.

 “Music is what I love to do, and the fact that I’m able to make some money doing it? It’s fantastic,” Kistemaker said.

Despite the heat, all three buskers were thoroughly enjoying themselves on Saturday.