The estimated cost of a new multiplex facility in Cambridge has gone up.

City staff presented council with a new $130 million budget for the proposed sports building at a meeting on Tuesday night.

They say pricey construction costs are to blame for the hefty price tag.

Delegates at the meeting made their concerns known to council. They asked them to them to consider looking at multiple sites instead of just one facility.

“I feel that it’s more important to have a Cambridge community-based solution,” said resident Connie Cody. “The scenario would be having facilities in each part of our communities.”

Five possible sites for the multiplex were chosen, but now only three remain. One delegate spoke to the Conestoga location, saying it’s “shovel ready” and the proposal shouldn’t have been shelved.

A new location in southeast Galt on city-owned land has also emerged.

“People can review the costs, the different sites, whether we're going to improve the facilities within the community, or whether it's going to be one sight or a few,” said Cambridge mayor Kathryn McGarry. “This will all be coming forward to the community.”

Public consultations will be held as the city says they’re look for feedback.