LRT trains have been testing the tracks in Kitchener-Waterloo for months without any major incidents.

But in the last couple of weeks there have been four separate collisions involving vehicles and trains.

Two of those were in the last week alone.

A car and LRT train collided at the intersection of King Street North and Union Street East on Monday afternoon.

Police say no one was injured but at least one person was taken to hospital for observation.

lrt crash kitchener waterloo train king street

Earlier that same day police charged a 44-year-old Kitchener woman with careless driving in connection to another LRT-involved crash.

Her van was struck by a train Thursday as she attempted to make a U-turn at King Street West and Green Street.

On June 7 there was another minor crash.

The biggest collision happened on May 3 at Duke Street West and Water Street North in downtown Kitchener.

That driver was charged with failing to stop at a red light.

Damage to the trains from the first three collisions is estimated at $40,000 to $60,000.

LRT trains are still in the testing phase, with service officially set to start Friday.