An in depth conversation was held at a town hall about a long standing and touchy subject in Waterloo region.

Amalgamating the region into a single tiered government was the topic at a Thursday night virtual meeting with past and present politicians.

"My advice is twofold: look for the real experience, cost savings which were real, and improved service to people," said former Region of Waterloo chair Ken Seiling. "In today's world, regional reform is even more important than ever.

"I don't believe that the status quo is the recipe for the future health of the region."

The idea of essentially ending city and township governments as individual entities has been floated around for decades.

"Any decision to amalgamate should be done locally through a referendum or through public consolations," said Kitchener city councillor Debbie Chapman. "Unfortunately, it's usually forced on municipalities by provincial government."

Those in favour say it would cost less, reduce duplication, and be better for taxpayers.

Those opposed are not sure that would be the case and local decision making would be lost.

There are currently no official plans to consider amalgamation.