After 42 years, the Norm Jary Golf Tournament has seen its final round.

Over those 42 years the tournament has raised nearly $1 million for people living with disabilities in the community.

Funds raised from the tournament have been used to enhance programing and purchase vehicles.

The tournaments namesake, former Guelph Mayor Norm Jary says, he is proud of what the tournament has accomplished,

“I look back over all the positive things and all the good things we’ve done for so many individuals over those 42 years,” said Norm Jary.

Tournament organizers say declining numbers led to the decision to end after this year.

“The biggest problem is there are so any golf tournaments, people can only go to so many in a year, golfing is not cheap, especially when it is a fundraiser,”  Laura Hanley, Executive Director, Community Living Guelph Wellington.

Community Living Guelph Wellington says they are looking for other fundraising opportunities in years to come.