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A Better Tent City required to collect data for regional funding


The Region of Waterloo will now require A Better Tent City to collect data in order to make sure its funding is being put to proper use.

Council approved the motion during a Wednesday meeting. It will require data to ensure the Kitchener-based group's initiatives aligns with the region's plan.

A Better Tent City, which provides tiny homes to those experiencing chronic homelessness, had applied for funding from the region as a service provider, but was denied.

They followed up with a pitch during the 2024 regional budget deliberations and was approved for a $236,000 grant.

Coun. Michael Harris then brought forward the motion calling on A Better Tent City to collect data. He says he believes any group receiving taxpayer funding needs to show the money is being used for the intended purpose.

"Financial reporting, like an income statement, audited financial statements, obviously we want to make sure you've got valid insurance," said Coun. Harris. "A question for you, obviously, is the number of people referred to health services and support."

A Better Tent City will now work with regional staff to report relevant info on a quarterly or annually basis. Top Stories

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