WATERLOO -- Waterloo Region issued 35 enforcement actions this past week for contravening COVID-19 public health protocols.

Between May 20 and 26, officials in the region issued 18 charges. Another 17 charges were from a previous reporting period.

Among those ticketed was Innocente Brewing Company.

The brewery was ticketed by the Region of Waterloo Public Health for providing dine-in service within the premise. The fine is $1,130.

Co-owner Steve Innocente said the ticket was issued around 1 p.m. last Friday.

"Yes, I broke the rules and I don’t hide from that. I mean we’re kind of backed into a corner," Innocente said. "We’ve lost $200,000 in sales this year because bars, clubs and restaurants aren’t open."

He said he had picnic tables outside of his brewery and allowed regular customers to "sit outside and have a beer."

Innocente said he will "most likely end up fighting" the ticket.

"I have to make money to pay bills and put food on my table. I’m a human being like everyone else," he added.

Meanwhile, Waterloo regional police issued 27 tickets under the Reopening Ontario Act and the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, each with a fine of $880.

One ticket was issued related to a demonstration at Waterloo Town Square on May 2, with 19 tickets issued as a result of another demonstration in the square on May 9.

Six tickets were connected to a May 16 demonstration at Victoria Park.

One ticket was issued at a private resident in Waterloo for obstructing a person performing a duty in accordance with a continued order.

"We also see continued need for enforcement and education," Karen Redman, chair of the Region of Waterloo, said at the region's weekly COVID-19 update.

Bylaw officials issued four tickets related to private gatherings at residences, three in Kitchener and one in Cambridge. Those tickets come with an $880 fine.

The Region of Waterloo Corporate Security gave out three $240 tickets. Two were issued at 150 Main St. and one at 140 Weber St., both related to not wearing a mask.