KITCHENER -- A group of women in policing have commissioned a banner to fly over the Greater Toronto Area that calls for an end to police sexual violence against women.

The banner that includes hashtags #tarnishedbadge and #metoo could be seen over the 400 series of highways Thursday afternoon.

Angie Rivers, a constable with Waterloo Regional Police Service, was one of four officers who organized the demonstration calling out reported sexual assault, harassment, and reprisals against female officers who speak out.

“There are a lot of consequences for women reporting, there are a lot of consequences for anyone who really stands up for police leadership and calls out this bad behaviour,” she said. “We are sending a strong message that we are not going to be intimidated by reprisals anymore.”

Rivers was part of a class-action filed against regional police that was dismissed due to jurisdictional issues in 2018.

WRPS chief Bryan Larkin says the service is actively working to address the issue of workplace violent against women.

“Matters are adequately moving forward within the system,” he said. “There is always room for improvement and I think that all police leaders in Ontario share that.”

Organizers plan to fly the banner again sometime in the next week depending on weather conditions.