About 200 runners laced up their sneakers in Waterloo’s Bechtel Park Saturday morning for Run4Another.

It’s not just a run but a fundraiser for One4Another. The organization, created by Glenn Pascoe from Cambridge and Wendy Hayhoe from Kitchener, provides surgeries for children with debilitating conditions or diseases in Uganda.

“Whenever families and kids can do something that’s going to help other kids in the world, I think everybody wins,” says Pascoe.

Runner Kyle Morrison says he’s proud to support the event. “We’re entitled to so much here in this country, and simple things in Uganda we take for granted here… so it’s easy to give up your Saturday morning to come and do this.”

Sisters Hannah and Cayla Weiler also participated in the run.

“With school fundraisers, you don’t exactly know where all your money is going,” says 13-year-old Hannah. “But with this fundraiser you know exactly where it’s going to and who the person you are helping.”

Together the sisters raised $1,860.

“It’s so inspiring to me,” says 12-year-old Cayla. “Just to know that we’re helping other people around the world.”

A total of $20,000 was raised at this year’s run. Over the past three years the event has brought in nearly $50,000.