A Waterloo woman says her family is “terrified” by two unexpected incidents which occurred this week at their home.

The first occurred as Mary Jean Costello’s husband was taking out the garbage.

As Costello tells it, he was approached by a car carrying young adults, at least one of whom yelled a death threat as they passed by.

Early Wednesday morning, Costello and her husband were awakened by a loud noise.

Investigating, they found that a cinder block had been thrown through their window.

“It’s quite terrifying to know that someone was that close to our home and threw something into our window – not just in an act of vandalism, we suspect, but as an act of trying to frighten people,” she said.

Costello says she’s heard about “a history of vandalism” in the area from neighbours – but until this week, had spent six years living on Albert Street without experiencing any issues herself.

“We have some great neighbours,” she said.

Costello’s family lives next to a house at which police broke up a keg party on St. Patrick’s Day.

Costello says her family wasn’t home for most of that day – knowing what can happen in Waterloo’s university district on St. Patrick’s Day, they left early and came home late.

“We felt that there was likely going to be some parties in the neighbourhood, and just didn’t want to be part of it,” she said.

Costello says she was surprised how little evidence of partying she saw when she returned home – right down to less litter on the road than she was expecting.

It’s not clear if the events of March 17 have anything to do with what has happened to Costello’s family this week, but the neighbourhood association – which Costello is part of – seems to think so.

The group posted a message to Facebook on Wednesday, suggesting the cinder block was a “gift” for shutting down the party.

One person at the neighbouring house said Wednesday that they hadn’t heard anything unusual that morning, and didn’t know the family next door.

Police say they’re aware of the incidents, and consider both criminal – one a case of uttering a death threat, the other property damage.

“We’re trying to obtain as much information as we can,” said Staff Sgt. Mike Haffner of Waterloo Regional Police.