KITCHENER -- It was a dramatic scene in Kitchener on Tuesday afternoon after a car left the roadway and collided with a van that was parked in someone's driveway.

Officials were called to the scene of the crash on Westforest Trail in the afternoon. A car had ended up on its side in the driveway, and the rear end of the van was badly damaged.

Police said the crash happened around 1:20 p.m. A vehicle was travelling southbound on Westforest Trail when it crossed the centre line, hit a tree in a boulevard and then collided with a parked vehicle.

Neighbours say told CTV Kitchener that it happened around a dangerous bend in the road, where there have been several crashes over the past couple of years.

There were no injuries reported after the crash. The male driver involved was reportedly able to pull himself from the wreck.

The 34-year-old man driving the vehicle has been charged with careless driving and for being a G1 licence holder unaccompanied by a qualified driver.