KITCHENER -- From coaching Olympians to being called a liar: a running coach fired from the University of Guelph over student-athlete complaints is now being accused of repeatedly lying to independent investigators.

They had been looking into a complaint more than a decade ago, with the first complaint against Dave Scott-Thomas was received in 2006.

Officials at the university won't comment, but provided a few details in a press release issued Thursday.

The school says it was "deeply concerned and troubled" about information it had received regarding Dave Scott-Thomas.

They say they received a report of an independent investigation that was launched last fall that reinforced the university's decision to terminate the coach.

Last fall, Scott-Thomas was put on leave, accused of unprofessional conduct. Following an investigation, the university says it officially parted ways with the coach, but wouldn't say why.

Officials say during the 2019 investigation that new information came to light about a 2006 comp0laint by family member of a student-athlete. Back then, Scott-Thomas was suspended for four weeks.

"The university received new information related to the earlier investigation that made it clear that Scott-Thomas had lied repeatedly in 2006 about several significant matters," the school says in the release.

"The receipt of that new information resulted in the termination of Scott-Thomas from his U of G position. Had the University been aware in 2006 of this information, it would have terminated its relationship with Scott-Thomas at that time."

He also coached for Canada's Olympic track and field team in 2016.

Athletics Canada has launched its own investigation with its independent commissioner.

"We did some digging and we did find some information as far back as 2006, and all of that has been turned over to the commissioner's office," CEO David Bedford says.

Because Scott-Thomas was once a highly-acclaimed coach, Athletics Canada had made the University of Guelph and the Speed River Track and Field Club centres of excellence.

That title was stripped from both organizations in the light of the allegations.

Just this week, the Speed River Track and Field Club issued a statement on their website saying they are ceasing operations.

The University of Guelph is not saying what the nature of the complaints are.

CTV News tried to reach out to Dave Scott-Thomas before airtime but was unable to contact him for comment.

None of the allegations against him have been tested in court.