A day-long job fair at the new Canadian Solar Solutions manufacturing plant in Guelph, Ont. drew thousands of people to the facility.

There were lineups out the door Friday morning at the new addition to one of the world's biggest solar module manufacturing companies.

One hundred people have already been hired, and the company is looking for an additional 400 workers. The company plans to produce millions of panels each year.

The company is reportedly looking for new process technicians, general operators, logistics coordinators, engineers and more.

Milfred Hammerbacher, president and CEO of Canadian Solar Solutions says "We already are a 24 hour operation, five days a week with one line that we have operational now, but we'll be 7/24 by May."

The company also has operations in countries like Japan, China and Italy.

Until now all manufacturing was done in China, and Hammerbacher says "This is the first step of actually bringing jobs in China back to Canada."

Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge says "It was our community energy initiative that was a big player in Canadian Solar settling in Guelph. They saw an opportunity here to be aligned with the goals of the community. And we worked very hard to assist them in looking to find appropriate facilities in Guelph and to encourage them to settle here."

Some of those in attendance have been without work for over a year while others are simply looking for a change.

Dan Scarrow was among the thousands of job seekers in attendance. His career as a pilot has gone of track, and he says "I don't know what I can offer at this moment, but let's see what I can."

He calls the turnout "extreme."

Even the mayor didn't expect the stunning crowds, "I'm really glad I came to see this, because if I had heard they had a job fair, I don't think I would have the image of how many people are here."