KITCHENER -- Police are investigating after receiving several reports of a suspicious vehicle approaching kids around the region.

At least five incidents have been reported to police since Jan. 24: four in Kitchener and one in Cambridge.

There are some similarities between the reports, but there appears to be different driver descriptions.

Police haven't confirmed whether any of the incidents are connected. Here's a summary of each of them.

A map of each of the five reported incidents
Seven days, five incidents, four locations. Police have not confirmed whether or not any of them are related. (Source: Google Maps)

Jan. 23: Franklin Street North, Kitchener

When? Approximately 8:15 a.m.

What? A man driving a grey or silver four-door sedan reportedly stopped beside a child and appeared to be acting suspiciously, holding something in his hand.

Who? He's described as being between 20 and 30 years old with short brown hair, a beard and a dark complexion.

Jan. 23: Hickson Drive, Kitchener

When? Approximately 8:45 a.m.

What? A student was walking to school and saw a vehicle following them. The driver didn't talk to the student but reportedly kept staring as they walked.

Who? He's described as a white man, about 40 years old with dark hair, driving a silver, older-model, four-door sedan

Jan. 28: Lancaster Street East and Frederick Street, Kitchener

When? Approximately 12:30 p.m.

What? A vehicle on Lancaster Street East stopped near the field at Suddaby Public School. The driver honked his horn and beckoned some students.

Who? He's described as a white male between 40 and 50, with a beard and black-and-grey hair. He was driving a grey tall van.

Jan. 29: Lancaster Street East and Frederick Street, Kitchener

When? About 1 p.m.

What? The same vehicle as the one above was reportedly seen driving by the school again, but didn't stop. Police haven't confirmed whether or not it was the same vehicle.

Jan. 30: Kovac Road and Perkins Street, Cambridge

When? About 5 p.m.

What? A girl was approached by a man and woman in a white work van. They reportedly offered the girl candy and asked her what her name was.

Who? The driver is described as a white woman and the passenger is described as a black man.

In each of these cases, the child involved was unharmed. Again, it's not known if any of these incidents are related.

Police are asking anyone who may have information in this case to contact them.

If you'd rather remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers instead, at 1-800-222-8477.