KITCHENER -- Can you see your house from here?

The CF Snowbirds passed over Waterloo Region last week as part of Operation Inspiration, aiming to boost morale for Canadians across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

After being delayed by a day because of visibility issues, the nine-plane formation passed over the region on Sunday, leaving their signature trail as they flew wing-to-wing.

If you saw the Snowbirds, there's a chance they could see you, too: video from the cockpit appears to show the jets as they made their pass over the region.

The Snowbirds are making their way across the country. By Thursday, they were passing over parts of Saskatchewan in their cross-country tour.

The team said their priority was to fly over hospitals and also residential areas.

"We prioritized the residential areas to make sure people could stay home and continue to social distance but also hopefully get a show from us," says Cpt. Joel Wilson.

Days later, the Waterloo Warbirds held their own flyovers to salute frontline workers, this time over Waterloo Region and Guelph.