The search continues for a missing man in Guelph. 37-year-old Wayne Rutledge was last heard from twelve days ago, and his family is hoping for his safe return for the holidays.

Tim Rutledge, Wayne’s father, has been driving every day from his home in Orangeville to downtown Guelph to look for leads on his son’s whereabouts.

“We’ve been handing out pamphlets all over Guelph here, we’ve made phone calls, walked the streets, walked through the park, just basically searching,” said Rutledge.

The elder Rutledge added that he would usually speak to his son on the phone every day, but he has not heard from Wayne since December 11th.

“His cell phone went dead on me, and even his bank card hasn’t been used in twelve days.”

Rutledge said Wayne is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and was supposed to attend rehabilitation. But the process was delayed, and Wayne was left frustrated. He was reported missing soon after.

Rutledge said Wayne never told him exactly where he lives in Guelph, and would often ask to be dropped off at the city’s public library.

Guelph Police do not suspect foul play in this case, and officers are trying to help locate Wayne.

“We just want to bring the family back together at this time,” Sergeant Doug Pflug told CTV News.

Police say Wayne also has relatives in Vancouver and Windsor. Anyone with any information on his location is being asked to call Guelph Police at 519-824-1212.