The fallout continues after Erwin Hymer Group’s North American operations are now in receivership.

Owners of Roadtrek RV’s, made by Erwin Hymer, are worried about their vehicles’ futures and their warranties.

Rachel and Jean Frenette paid $120,000 for their vehicle and a six-year warranty, but now have questions about what comes next.

The couple is two weeks into a two-month road trip with their brand new RV.

“Because we had to make a big move to buy this Roadtrek, we sold our house,” said Rachel. “It was a dream come true, but it was a big decision.”

The news of the company terminating hundreds of employees on Friday was concerning to the wife and husband, who needed a minor repair in the last few weeks.

“We called Roadtrek directly, and what they told us is they can’t do anything for us until the audit is over,” said Rachel. “Just go have it repaired and keep your receipt and as soon as the audit is over they will probably reimburse us. That’s the last I heard from them.”

Two weeks ago, Thor industries closed a deal to buy Erwin Hymer group, but not the North American locations.

They told CTV Kitchener they had discovered "financial irregularities" and had suspended several managers, pending an internal investigation.

“I do sense that it's not totally over, it's just I don't know where to turn,” said Logan Lynn, who purchased a Roadtrek RV. “I know a lot of people are in my situation, but most of those people probably don't have vans that are destroyed.”

Lynn is in need of major repairs to his vehicle and says he’s still waiting for answers.

“I haven’t heard anything at all,” he said. “Everyone has absolved themselves.”

Phone calls to the company from CTV Kitchener were not returned before airtime.

The local RV business has been in Waterloo Region for more than 40 years.

Both the mayors of Kitchener and Cambridge say they’ve already asked the province to help the affected workers.