KITCHENER -- A major development Thursday afternoon at the Land Back protest in Caledonia.

Protestors started removing the road block on Highway 6.

The barricades went up over three weeks ago, after protestors who had camped out at the disputed development site were arrested and forcefully removed from the property.

Protestors returned to the area the next day and renamed it “1492 Land Back Lane.”

That’s when the road blocks first went up.

According to the group, they made the decision to take the barricades down as a sign of good faith and to bring resolution.

“Certainly that is the goal here, to be able to ease those tensions and deescalate and maintain a peaceful presence on our territory,” says Skyler Williams, who has been protesting at the highway. “If this is about land, let’s make it about land, because this isn’t just Caledonia residents who use these roads. It’s our people too.”

Even though the road block has come down, the protestors say they have no plans on going anywhere.

They have even started building a kitchen at the site.

Meanwhile the highway has not yet reopened.

The Ministry of Transportation says the road will remain closed between Greens Road and Haldimand 4th Line until they can inspect the highway and determine if any repairs are needed.

They anticipate that it could take between two to three days.