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Residents voice support for cycling infrastructure in Kitchener budget


Kitchener residents were given the chance to weight in on the city's budget at a Monday night meeting.

However, many kept coming back to one issue.

"We're regular users of the cycling network," said one resident. "We're a single car household with a goal of trying to keep it that way."

Cycling infrastructure was the topic of discussion for a number of delegates, who showed support for the money that was allotted to it.

"We're happy to see that there is $700,000 allotted for cycling," said another resident. "We would encourage the city to maintain those funds and timelines to finish so these benefits can be seen sooner."

Another speaker brought up the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony Orchestra and hopes the city will continue to find ways to support the arts.

Last week, a proposed 2024 Kitchener budget included a 3.9 per cent property tax increase. Top Stories

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