Various sports organizations got to weigh in on the Cambridge multiplex on Monday evening.

About a dozen coaches and club presidents spoke to councillors about what they’d like to see at the future recreation facility.

Mayor Kathryn McGarry says it’s important to ensure the city can host out-of-town teams and support tourism.

Council heard from hockey and ringette teams, running clubs and swim teams.

“A 50-metre-long swim meet is way different than a 25-metre swim meet and I think that’s really important to know,” explains Shelley Fitzpatrick with the Cambridge Aquajets. “A 50-metre pool has the benefit of actually splitting into two pools. You can do double what you would otherwise want to do.”

A second portion of the public meeting is being held Tuesday.

In February, a chosen site at the Cambridge Centre Mall was deemed too expensive, prompting the city to turn away from that location and look for another.

But switching locations means that new compromises might have to be made, hence the new round of public consultations.

The multiplex is currently estimated to come in at almost $50 million over the original budget of $80 million.