GO Train commuters from Waterloo Region are experiencing more issues since the government changed the schedule.

Starting this week the government said they were increasing GO service to Kitchener, Guelph and Acton.

This has resulted in more passengers, and complaints of overcrowding on some trains.

“The whole GO thing to Kitchener is complete chaos,” said one passenger. Another described the situation like ‘a can of sardines.’

Kitchener Centre MPP Laura Mae Lindo says the issue is the loss of the after Kitchener express train.

“Its imperative that the government re-instates the 4:50 express train from Toronto back to Waterloo Region,” she said.

PC Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek, “They have safety officers going to be at the site today to help people on board and I expected a solution to this issue in the next few days, “he says.

Metrolink, who operate GO service, says they are also working on a solution, “Every team is working around the clock for a resolution, we can’t do it overnight, but we should have them in the next week or two,” said Anne Marie Aikins, a Metrolinx spokesperson.