A drug 10,000 times more toxic than morphine has once again been detected in Waterloo Region, health authorities say.

The Waterloo Region Integrated Drug Strategy said Tuesday that a powdered form of Carfentanil had been found in a recent Waterloo Regional Police drug seizure.

Carfentanil is odourless and tasteless, and cannot be detected by sight. It can be added to other drugs without users being able to tell the difference.

In 2016, another form of Carfentanil was suspected of being responsible for two overdoses in the region.

Health officials say Carfentanil’s presence should serve as a reminder to opioids users that they should never use drugs when they are alone, or use a large amount of opioids without first seeing what effects a smaller dose causes.

Naloxone, which is considered an antidote to opioid overdoses, is available through Region of Waterloo Public Health, the Sanguen Health Centre and many pharmacies.