PORT DOVER -- Every Friday the 13th, motorcycle riders meet on Port Dover's main street. The final one of the decade was no exception.

The crowd is understandably larger in the summer and warmer months, but a dedicated convoy still turned out for the celebration on Dec. 13.

While it's been running since 1981, a few safety-related changes may be coming to the event.

"It’s sort of lost a little bit of that small town feel and that happy attitude and things so we’re gonna be looking at making some adjustments again," says Coun. Chris van Paassen.

Norfolk County council is asking for suggestions on how to make the event better and safer.

This past year, a section of Main Street was closed to vehicles, with a special bike display up the street.

"Council tried to reduce liabilities and make some changes with public safety in mind and it wasn’t necessarily perfect but it’s trial and error," Coun. Amy Martin explains.

With more than 150,000 people turning out to Port Dover during the summer months, one worry is that emergency services could be left at risk. Council wants to try to keep some main access roads to the hospital open for emergency.

Many rally-goers, though, say they want the original design back, where vendors, food and merchandise took up Powell Park and the road was kept for the riders.

Martin says she thinks it's something worth having a conversation about.

Friday the 13th won't happen during summer of 2020, leaving council with plenty of time to consider making any changes.