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Cost of policing St. Patrick’s Day in Waterloo estimated at $318,000 this year


The Waterloo Regional Police Service has released the estimated total cost for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Waterloo.

According to a report that will be presented to the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board on Wednesday, the total cost of operations from Friday to Sunday came in at $318,000.

Separately, the City of Waterloo estimates it spent an additional $103,800 on bylaw, fire and transit services.

The police estimate includes $195,000 spent on overtime and $25,000 for planning and analysis. It represents an increase of $51,000 from the overall 2023 costs.

The report states Waterloo regional police officers laid 238 charges between Friday and Sunday.

Of those charges, 147 stemmed from Highway Traffic Act violations while 90 charges were related to the Liquor Licence and Control Act.

Although ten people were arrested throughout the three-day span, none of the offences were violent.

The number of arrests was down from 18 the year before.

Police say the major unsanctioned gathering happened on Saturday and reached 9,500 attendees at its peak, making it the biggest St. Patrick's Day street party since the pandemic.

The City of Waterloo provided the following break-down of its costs related to the party:

  • $83,400 for Municipal Enforcement Services
  • $16,100 for Waterloo Fire Rescue Services
  • $4,300 for Transportation Services Top Stories

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