KITCHENER -- Police in Guelph were able link a suspect to a commercial burglary in 2020 after swabbing a pie plate and fork for DNA.

According to a news release, a service technician discovered a break-in at the business on Woodlawn Road West on May 14, 2020.

Someone had pried open the rear door and got into the mechanical room, where they cut several copper wires, including ground wires. That caused significant damage to the building and caused officials to deem the building unsafe.

Several nearby businesses were also forced to close until hydro crews could repair the damage. Altogether, there was more than $8,000 in damage.

While officer investigated, they recovered a pie plate and a fork from the mechanical room. The fork was swabbed for DNA and officers learned that it matched someone in the national DNA databank.

On Wednesday night, more than eight months later, police officers saw the suspect downtown and placed him under arrest.

The accused, 46, was charged with mischief over $5,000 and break and enter. He's due in a Guelph courtroom on June 1.