KITCHENER -- An Ancaster, Ont. teen is turning her family's Dairy Queen into a Tik Tok sensation.

Morgann Book posts behind-the-scenes videos of her creating decadent ice cream cakes and now millions of people around the world are watching.

“As much as I love my job I never thought other people would be interested in it. I find it really crazy how much it's blown up,” she says.

The 17-year-old started creating videos about a year ago when she was tasked with taking on her family-owned Dairy Queen’s social media accounts.

“I was always a shy person, but now that I have this account, being able to use your voice it was quite intimidating at first but now I’m really used to it and I love it when people come into the store,” Morgann explains.

Since the pandemic hit, her videos have been getting millions of views, likes and shares.

“Right now I’m at 1.6 million [followers], which is crazy. I think I’m at 50 million likes in total.”

“It's been a very unusual year with COVID. It's probably given her more time to dedicate to this account than you would normally get. Not being in school every day, I think it's been a great platform and learning experience for her as well,” said Morgann's father and franchise owner, Ryan Book.

Book wraps a tri-pod around her neck to create the videos and gives followers a first person point of view.

She's up to fifteen orders a week from customers who request a cake and ask that it be filmed for Tik Tok.

“I love doing it, so I find time. I'll go in at 5:30 am before I have to go to school,” says Morgann.

“I’m very proud of her. She’s an incredible student and person,” adds her dad,

Book's savvy social media skills have helped give the business an overall boost as well.

“The Tik Tok account has driven in particular our cake sales about 15-18 per cent higher than what we would normally see in the first year,” explains Ryan.

And during what has been a difficult year for many local businesses, this teen is using her social media savvy to take her family’s cakes to another level.