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'Only permanent form of loss prevention': Low-cost pet microchip clinic held in Guelph


The Guelph Humane Society is working to make the process of reuniting pets and owners a much easier task.

A microchipping clinic was held on Saturday, with over 70 dogs and cats getting the process done.

"The chips work with a radio frequency and are smaller than a grain of rice," said Katherine Leonard, manager of community programs and outreach with the society. "They're inserted right into your pet just between their shoulder blades. What's wonderful is that collars can come off, harnesses can become loose, but microchips will always stay there and they get registered to all of your personal information.

"It is the only permanent form of loss prevention for your pets."

Leonard adds that pets with microchips have their owner contacted right away and typically spend only an hour at the humane society.

"I would say more often than not, when stray pets come into the shelter, they are not wearing collars," said Leonard. "They've slipped out of their harnesses. You really need to have that chip to make it easy to be reunited."

Ken and Andrea Spriet brought their dogs Bear and Bailey in to make sure they'll be able to quickly find their pets if they wander off.

"Over the years growing up, this type of technology wasn't available," said Ken. "We would have the community signs where a dog or cat was lost, and sometimes they don't come home.

"For this to be available to us in this day and age is fantastic."

The Guelph Humane Society's next microchip clinic will be held in early September. Top Stories

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