A Waterloo Region police officer discussed his surveillance work in connection with the shooting death of Nadia Gehl on Wednesday.

Three men are charged with first degree murder in the case, Gehl's husband Ronald Cyr, Zdenek Zvolensky and Nashat Qahwash.

Gehl was shot and killed near her Kitchener home on Feb. 2, 2009.

During his testimony on Wednesday morning, the officer told the court he saw Zvolensky and Qahwash talking in a parking lot on Feb. 28, 2009, months before they were arrested.

On a separate occasion shortly after Gehl was killed he says he also observed Cyr and Michelle Brown kissing in a car.

Cyr was allegedly having an affair with Brown, and the Crown believes Cyr wanted to leave his marriage.

Also on Wednesday, the judge made exhibits in the case available to the media, including photos of Gehl with Cyr, Cyr's alleged mistress and the murder weapon.