Citing a lack of money and willing volunteers, the founder of a downtown Kitchener street festival is pulling the plug on the event.

Night\Shift has brought pop-up art installations to the downtown core on the final night of Daylight Saving time since 2013.

In a post made on the festival’s website over the weekend, founder Eric Rumble said he was pulling the plug on the event.

“Zero funds have been raised to put on a sixth festival in early November 2018, and there are no plans or resources to produce another one,” he said.

Rumble said there was a “straightforward and relatable” reason for ending Night\Shift – a combination of the original organizers having a lack of interest in continuing with it, and no succession plan to keep the festival going once their enthusiasm waned.

“The side-hustle required to make this festival is no longer sustainable alongside the demands of other full-time gigs and waking/sleeping life,” he said.

“It does sting a little to say farewell to Night\Shift, but it’s also a huge relief – and incredibly satisfying to reflect on.”

In its five years, Night\Shift featured more than 125 works from more than 400 artists. Some of those works are expected to be brought back this spring for a Night\Shift farewell party at the Kitchener Market.