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New electric ice resurfacing machines set to clean Cambridge rinks


The City of Cambridge has purchased two new electric ice resurfacing machines, to try and cut down on emissions inside local arenas.

"It performs the same as a propane unit, but the operators don't have the exhaust fumes to deal with. And the public doesn't see it either," Mike Hausser, the director of operations for the City of Cambridge said.

The city didn't have to look far for the machines. Both units were purchased from Elmira based manufacturer Olympia.

“We’re really pleased to be able to go through our standard municipal procurement processes and have competitive bids. And be able to purchase local products and have them operating here in Cambridge,” Hausser said.

Some wraps for the advertisers still need to be put on the machines, but the two new units are expected to be seen at the Galt and Hespeler arenas by the fall. The city does have an older electric unit that is expected to be sent to Karl Homuth Arena.

Propane machines will still run at Duncan McIntosh Arena and the Dickson Centre – plus one propane unit will be used as a backup.

The new machines are both Millennium E models, and run on four electric wheel motors. According to Olympia, operating it costs one tenth of a gas powered machine.

The city did not say how much the new units cost but propane units sit around $100,000.

“It’s about 15 percent more in terms of a price point, but there's plenty of savings on the operating side. There's no engine to maintain, no fluids, no oils, and the energy savings are big,” Hausser said.

Hausser said Cambridge ultimately wants to go fully electric, as it not only saves the city costs in maintenance, but also inside the arenas.

“There’s a lot less air exchange having to happen in the arenas. So there's energy savings in the building maintenance, in the building operation,” Hausser said.

The City of Waterloo has ordered two electric units that are expected to be delivered next year.

The City of Kitchener has one electric ice resurfacing machine on order. It is expected to arrive next spring. Top Stories

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