Needles, debris and garbage scattered around a Guelph park has prompted concerns from residents and businesses.

Officials are advising people against taking the issue into their own hands at Royal City Jaycee’s Park.

The park is made up of provincial land within the boundaries of Guelph.

Mayor Cam Guthrie cited health concerns around picking up the scattered needles and drug paraphernalia.

Members of the Ontario Government met there on Sept. 7 with Guthrie and other city councillors to figure out a plan to clean up.

“They are now taking that back and are committed to, not only increasing security around this area, but also to look to get it cleaned up as soon as possible,” Guthrie said.

Business owners said there has been an increase in crime, like theft and break-ins, since the issue began.

No deadline was set on when the cleanup would happen.