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Radio silenced: Ransacked shed has Cambridge Amateur Radio Club off-air


The Cambridge Amateur Radio Club is off the air, for now.

The group noticed an issue sometime around Sept. 3 and at first they thought it could be the heat or a technology malfunction. The reality was much worse.

“The shed was ransacked for lack of a better word. We found quite a bit of our equipment was damaged, our duplexer was chucked across the room,” said Scott Mitchell, president of the Cambridge Amateur Radio Club.

The shed just off Eagle Street has been the home of the club’s vital technology for over twenty years. According to Mitchell, this is the first time they’ve had an issue like this.

Mitchell says this is the first time they’ve had an issue like this. He added that there is evidence that someone was living behind the shed and had gained access to use the electricity.

Part of the shed appears to have caught fire.

“We also found that our generator was stolen. So we're gonna have to look at replacing that as well. A few other small things here and there like a couple of cables and a couple of chairs, some wires stuff that we can replace fairly easily,” said Mitchell.

Scott Mitchell and Keith Bruce with the Cambridge Amateur Radio Club. (Jeff Pickel/CTV Kitchener)

There is some good news though, the Cambridge club will not be off air for long.

The Kitchener Waterloo Club has answered a call to lend the use of their technology while they rebuild in Cambridge.

“It was a no brainer. I think for amateur radio operators, one of things we love is helping other people,” said Harry Neizen, president of the Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.

He says the international community of amateur radio enthusiasts are always willing to help.

“In helping others we are helping ourselves and helping the hobby, and it’s really cyclical that way,” said Neizen.

The Cambridge group says the damage is likely around $2,000 to $3,000 and will take two to three months repair.

They say the police have been notified. Top Stories

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