KITCHENER -- Metrolinx won't be moving forward with a plan to build a power station in Guelph's Margaret Greene Park.

Some residents objected the proposition of putting in the station to help electrify train service.

On Thursday, Metrolinx officials announced that park and eight other potential locations are off the table.

"All nine have been deemed unfeasible for various reasons, whether it's the community doesn't want it there, there's development with the city, there's highway projects planned, for all those reasons," said Scott Money with Metrolinx.

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie said the city is pleased with company's decision.

"When you find out there's going to be any development, let alone a power station, you can understand why these residents probably really got upset, because that's not what anyone would expect to have happen in a park," Guthrie.

Money said there are no impacts on plans for improved GO train service.

"All day, two-way GO goes forward full steam ahead," Money said. "It was always to be, for the near future at least, diesel service as it is today."

"I'm so glad that the province and Metrolinx is still committed to moving forward with that an so are we and so it everyone along the corridor," Guthrie said.

Money said Metrolinx will continue searching for a new site for the power station.