Conservative Party of Canada candidates

Harold Albrecht – Kitchener—Conestoga

Incumbent; former dental surgeon, pastor

Caucuses: Auto, energy, rural, anti-abortion, chemical, bio, post-secondary education

Alan Keeso – Kitchener South—Hespeler

Canadian Armed Forces infantry reservist, former hockey player

Community, sustainability and economy; small business and job creation

Stephen Woodworth – Kitchener Centre

Former legal career, former Waterloo Catholic District School Board trustee

Longest-serving Member of the Environment Committee

Jerry Zhang – Waterloo

Engineer, entrepreneur

Wants to give back to his community

Sunny Attwal – Cambridge

Small business owner, worked in energy, transportation and manufacturing

Value for tax dollars, safety in communities

Ashish Sachan – Guelph

Veterinarian, chief science officer for a technology company

Betterment of community, leadership

For more information on the Conservative Party of Canada candidates, visit the party's website.


Liberal Party of Canada candidates

Bardish Chagger – Waterloo

Incumbent; worked in non-profit

Local economy, strengthening middle class, work for families

Lloyd Longfield – Guelph

Incumbent; machine automation, former business owner

Supporting families, strengthening middle class

Bryan May – Cambridge

Incumbent; former senior management in non-profits, education organizations

Affordable housing, seniors, growing middle class

Tim Louis – Kitchener—Conestoga

Business owner, professional musician

Job creation, growing middle class, helping the working class

Raj Saini – Kitchener Centre

Incumbent; former pharmacist, owner of Greenbrook Pharmacy

Jobs, starting a business, raising a family, healthcare

Marwan Tabbara – Kitchener South—Hespeler

Incumbent; Graduate from the University of Guelph,

Local jobs and opportunities, education, skills training, trades

For more information on the Liberal Party of Canada candidates, visit the party's website.


New Democratic Party candidates

Riani De Wet – Kitchener—Conestoga


Fair economy, affordable housing, public transit, climate

Scott Hamilton – Cambridge

Scholar, teacher, researcher; board of Cambridge food bank

Defending the environment, prescription drug coverage for all, affordable housing

Aisha Jahangir – Guelph

Registered nurse

Universal pharmacare, increased hospital beds, opioid crisis

Andrew Moraga – Kitchener Centre

Ecologist, environmental researcher

Climate change

Wasai Rahimi – Kitchener South—Hespeler

Director of disaster response organization

Universal pharmacare, affordable housing, climate action, green jobs

Lori Campbell – Waterloo

Director of Indigenous Student Services

Reconciliation, climate change, green jobs, universal pharmacare, affordable housing

For more information on the New Democratic Party of Canada candidates, visit the party's website.


Green Party of Canada candidates

Steven Dyck – Guelph

President of solar company

Green economy jobs, electoral reform

Stephanie Goertz – Kitchener—Conestoga


Climate, green jobs, education, healthcare, inequality

Mike Morrice – Kitchener Centre

Founder, Green Economy Canada, entrepreneur

Jobs, climate

David Weber – Kitchener South—Hespeler

Former police service member

Vote reform, green jobs, healthcare

Kirsten Wright – Waterloo

Engineer, designer

Climate, environment, vote reform

For more information on the Green Party of Canada candidates, visit the party's website.


People's Party of Canada candidates

David Millard Haskell – Cambridge


Individual freedom, reducing poverty, avoiding state-owned enterprises

Mark Paralovos – Guelph

Web developer

Immigration, freedom of speech, economy

Patrick Bernier – Kitchener Centre

Political candidate

Encouraging self-determination, lowering grocery bills

Koltyn Wallar – Kitchener—Conestoga


Personal responsibility, freedom

Joseph Todd – Kitchener South—Hespeler

Political candidate

Veterans, ending multiculturalism and open borders, oil industry

Erika Traub – Waterloo


Helping vulnerable people, economy

For more information on the People's Party of Canada candidates, visit the party's website.

All information compiled from candidate sites as of the time of writing.