There are two candidates in the race to represent Ward 3.

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Hans Roach

Hans Roach has not yet replied to the CTV News survey.

Madelyn Steiss

Madelyn Steiss

Who are you?

I have lived in Ward 3 in Waterloo all my life. I have an undergraduate degree from Laurier and a Master’s degree in Applied Disability Studies. I work closely with people with disabilities and families as an advocate. I have been a volunteer in multiple local political campaigns for years.

Why are you running?

I decided to put my name forward because I want to increase the connection between the people of Ward 3 and our municipal government. Due to my studies and work, I understand how to listen to and connect with people, listening to their unique needs and advocating for them. Having these skills makes me the ideal candidate to bring positive and effective leadership as Councillor, and as an advocate for the people of Ward 3. It is no secret that I'm 25 years old, and if elected I will be proud to be one of the youngest serving members on council. I am ready and willing to serve my community and bring my skills to the table, offering the diverse perspective of the younger population.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the City of Waterloo and how do you plan to address it?

I am concerned about how increasing costs affects our population in Waterloo. These increases have made it difficult for people like me who are attempting to enter the housing market. I had dreams of owning my own home when I finished school but had to make the tough decision to decide to continue renting. It also affects people on fixed incomes like seniors, who are unable to keep up with increasing prices. If I am elected, I will ensure that tax increases are balanced, and that Council is considering how spending affects the individuals in our city. Homelessness is another impact of these rising costs and this is something that we have physically seen the ramifications of. I want to ensure that I am building affordable housing and making strategic investments in our community at the municipal level. With quick city development comes an increase in crime and poverty. We need to learn from cities like Toronto and take a proactive approach in maintaining our unique and lively culture and staying on top of big city issues. Ensuring that our arts, culture and community is lively is an important factor to maintain positive community engagement.